Extensive and rich, the gastronomy of Sintra makes the mouth of any gourmand water.
Meat-dishes feature the «leitão de Negrais» (suckling pig), the Mercês pork , «cabrito» (goatling ) and roast veal . The Sintra region coast provides an abundance of fine fish, shellfish and molluscs. So it is possible to have an appetizing sea-bass or bream, enjoy an octopus or savour clams and barnacles.

With regards to confectionery, the highlight inevitably goes to the «queijadas de Sintra», ancestral sweet pastry dating back, at least, to the Middle Ages. But there are others worth trying: the «travesseiros», the «pastéis da Pena», the «nozes de Galamares », the «fofos de Belas», along with a series of traditional jams made according to traditional methods.

Events in Colares

Adega do Saraiva

Founded by António dos Santos Saraiva and Maria Emília Saraiva, about 50 years old, our restaurant located in the small town of Nafarros, in the county of Sintra, excels by its traditional Portuguese cuisine and its familiar atmosphere. It has as specialties of the house: Portuguese cooked, the Goat/Lamb roasted in the oven and the Cod roasted in the ember.

Binhoteca Wine Bar

Portugal is famous for its sophisticated high-quality wines all over the world. The Binhoteca wine bar welcomes you to buy wine to your taste from over 200 types: white, red, sparkling and port wines classified by region. Blind tasting will help you discern the special flavor of Portuguese wines. Binhoteca also offers different snacks such as black pork sausages with greens and cheese.

Botica Saloia

Two friends, from Sintra's roots, oenophiles and lovers not only of gastronomy, but also of Portuguese habits, decide to concentrate in a small and cozy space, a set of traditional elements of Saloia life in the heart of Sintra.

Cantina do Picadeiro

Situated at the foot of the Serra de Sintra, spotting the Monserrate Palace, we are a small familiar and cosy Restaurant.