In the Sintra municipality there is a small viticultural area that produces a ruby colour wine that with aging acquires an exceptional velvety character and bouquet. It takes several years for the Colares wine to reach maximum quality, although the minimum aging period is 18 months. Due to the long aging period imposed, sales are very limited, making the Colares region a sort of «sanctuary» for connoisseurs of this wine.

The vines of this region have very particular characteristics, due to the proximity of the sea and the strong ocean winds they’re subject to. 

Given its geological nature, Colares can be divided into two sub-areas: “sandy soil (the dune area) and the “ hard soil”(calcareous soil). The Colares wine owes its unique qualities to the grape varieties, the soil and the mild, humid climate during summertime, as well as to the fact that 80% of the vines are placed in “sandy soil”, true to the traditional practice of “unhar” - a process necessary for the ungrafted grapevine cuttings to reach the clay soil underlying the layer of sand.

The geographical area corresponding to the Colares Denomination of Origin is situated in the Sintra Municipality between the Mountains and the Ocean next to the sea, encompassing the parishes of Colares, São Martinho and São João das Lampas.

Events in Colares

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